About Elle
Elle Erickson has a passion for helping people live a healthier life. She understands our body's ability to heal itself through the foods we eat and has been committed to guiding countless people on a path to wellness.

In 2008, Elle attended Dr. John McDougall's 10 Day live-in-Wellness program in Santa Rosa, CA. It was there she witnessed her own powerful healing through a plant-based diet. She knew she was on the right track when the pounds melted off, her cholesterol dropped over 40 points, and her chronic headaches vanished.

Since then, she has attended numerous lectures, seminars, and cooking demonstrations, and has immersed herself into an array of books on the subject. In her research, she discovered how plant-based eating benefits not only our personal health, but also our planet and its animals.

With a body free from common health issues like indigestion, constipation, headaches, and arthritis, she was ready to spread this powerful message. Elle then formed the 21 day plant based cleanse group Three Weeks to Wellness and has been successfully facilitating people through it since 2010. This exciting and fun program continues to yield spectacular results. With Elle's boundless enthusiasm and support, you will be guided toward a healthier and more balanced you!