Frequently Asked Questions
Yes! This may require a bit of extra planning. No problem. Besides packing your foods ahead of time, you can plan ahead and make sure you hit up the grocery store upon arrival, order salads and veggies/baked potatoes through room service and even find a local restaurant with cleanse friendly foods. Most restaurants will cater to plant-based diets, some higher end establishments actually enjoy the chance to be creative and find you an amazing dish to satisfy your healthy desires.
Absolutely not! This is not a fast. You will be eating, eating, eating! Probably smaller meals, but more often than you're used to. When you eat whole foods instead of processed, you fill up faster – and on LESS calories! The food has more roughage, so it goes through you faster (which is great for the cleansing process) - so you may find yourself grazing more often. Keep healthy snacks like baby carrots & hummus on hand. You will notice that you will stop having those toxic hunger cravings because your body will be getting the vitamins and nutrients it needs to function for you at top notch.
No. Organic foods usually cost more than the ones with pesticides - but remember that you do not have to buy all organic. It's important to buy certain things like strawberries and peppers organic because they have a higher pesticide load. Just buy organic whenever possible and do the best you can. Eating whole, simple foods like rice, potatoes, quinoa, fruits and veggies can be done on a very conservative budget.
No! It is best to go organic whenever possible, but it is not always necessary. There are a few things that are best to buy organic (strawberries, raspberrries, potatoes, etc.) Do not feel pressured to think that you HAVE to purchase everything organic.
Yes! You will get plenty through eating a plant-based diet. Popeye was onto something with all that spinach! Leafy greens, beans and grains like quinoa provide tons of protein and calcium. Spinach actually contains more protein than sirloin steak! Calcium is absorbed very efficiently through the body by eating plants. You will be nourished at a deeper level than ever before!
The first few days are when you are in transition, so you could experience minor withdrawal symptoms. There are things to do to prepare to make this transition easier (eating more plant foods, drinking lots of water, exercise) Once this passes, you may experience some of the following: clarity, lightness, energy increase, flatter tummy, weight loss, drop in cholesterol/ blood pressure, feelings of peace and happiness increase, etc. Other things may go away after the first week or so like: sinus issues, allergies, heartburn, constipation, headaches, etc. This cleanse is like giving your body a "tune-up" or "flush" for your car. It feels like your filter has been cleaned. Some people say they feel like they have a new lease on life, etc.
Gluten is a protein found in grains specifically wheat, barley and rye. It is most commonly found in breads, crackers, baked goods, beer, and noodles! All of us today are overdoing it when it comes to these things. It is nice to take a break and give our organs a chance to rest and cleanse. Gluten is addictive. It releases a chemical in our brains when eaten to make us want more. Many of us are gluten sensitive and are surprised at how much better we feel when it's removed. You may notice your headaches lifting and common aches and pains fading as each day passes without gluten. Also, people say that they notice their "brain fog" lifting. One nice side effect of removing gluten is that you'll notice your tummy flatten a bit after a few days. This is because gluten gives elasticity to dough, helping it rise and keep its shape. You can still have the things you love while cleansing, we'll just replace your wheat noodles and bread with gluten-free options.
Yes! Most definitely! There are plenty of events scheduled during the program. Just know that you most likely will not be able to attend them all (most people don't) – but showing up for the ones you can will be perfect! Making the commitment to stick to this program and follow along with the daily emails and read the book is wonderful and LIFE CHANGING! Any event you can attend will help increase the success of your 21 day journey, so attend as many as possible. But there are plenty of people who have transformational results that miss the grocery store tour or only ever attend 1 pot luck. Making these changes along with a group of other people who are in the same boat pushes you to have that accountability to keep you on track – knowing you will see the support group again soon keeps you motivated and true to the process.

Plus, once you've gone through the program once you can sign up again in the future for only $50!

Repeating the program is a great way to stay connected and supported by a group of like-minded people. And the events and speakers are always changing so you will always be learning something new! Try and get a co-worker, friend, roommate or partner to jump in and "cleanse" with you – it is much easier when you have someone close for that extra support and REALLY makes it nice when the person you live or work with is by your side each step of the way.