How To Prepare
Just four steps to prepare, but each is important to your success:

1. Purchase the 21 Day Quantum Wellness Cleanse book by Kathy Freston. Read it through once before the cleanse begins. Important tips, information and recipes are in the book. You will be reading it daily as you cleanse.

2. BUY A JOURNAL! It is helpful to keep a log of what you eat for a few days before the cleanse begins. When you eat something, write down any emotions attached to why you eat what you eat & how you feel, etc. Continuing to journal throughout the cleanse will help your process be more successful.

3. Begin to slowly remove caffeine from your daily routine. Even if you just drink a couple cups of coffee or tea per day, your body can have major withdrawal symptoms if you abruptly stop your caffeine intake. Try and wean off of it by drinking less and less the week or two before the cleanse begins.

4. Set up an appointment with your doctor to have your cholesterol, blood pressure, weight, etc. checked. Local YMCA's also do weekly cholesterol screenings (prices range from $25 - $45). There are online resources as well. This step allows you to see just how powerful you are at taking control of your own health.

5. One of the biggest keys to success is preparation! The week before the cleanse begin to spend some time going through your cupboards and getting some of those tempting, processed foods away. Out of sigh out of mind! Give them to a friend or better yet, donate them to a local shelter. Not having these foods around will increase your chances of sticking to the health promoting foods. Please inquire about in home assistance with this process. Pantry cleanout 101!