The phrase most often heard after the cleanse? "That was so much fun and easier than I ever expected!"
"Who knew getting healthy could be so much fun!? Learning about getting healthy is so much easier delivered in the relaxed, upbeat and humorous way as done in 3 WEeks to Wellness. Elle's positive energy is infectious and makes the whole process totally enjoyable!"
Scott P., Charlotte NC
"Thanks to this Program, my life is transforming in ways I never could have imagined. Physically, I dropped 5.5 lbs and 84 cholesterol points in 3 weeks (no joke). I've found an amazing amount of clarity, and am currently in the process of honing in on at least one pretty amazing super power. Man, it feels good to be alive! I highly recommend this Program to Charlotte area residents!"
Kelly, Charlotte NC
"This is not a diet or a temporary quick fix; this Program will transform your relationship with food and start you on the path towards a healthier lifestyle."
Dr. Verena Boylan
"Three Weeks to Wellness was an incredible life experience! I felt very connected to the group, and the message was clear: clean up the diet and feel fantastic! Thank you, Elle, for organizing this, for providing access to cooking, meditation, breathing, and nutrition classes! I have already referred a number of clients to this group because I believe Elle is creating a life-changing experience that I cannot provide in my office. Elle provides a safe, positive, relevant group; she brings people together and walks them through a journey that will leave them healthier and happier. These are the recommendations I make to my clients every day, but that are so hard to visualize and implement without a helping hand. Plus, we had so much fun together! Thank you, Elle!"
Dr. Jonathan Ritz, ND
"My 3 Weeks To Wellness Program was absolutely amazing! After suffering from digestive issues for many years, this Program changed my life. I felt my best in those 21 days and have continued to eat a plant-based diet. Not only will this Program transform you, the educational value is priceless and a must for everyone to adopt!"
Catherine, Charlotte, NC
"My partner and I did The Program and had a really cool experience. We thought it would be super hard, but it was quite easy and really showed us how easy it is to make different choices. I also lost 10 lbs, which was a great added bonus! Elle is a wonderful guide through the process."
Amy, Charlotte, NC
"After participating in the Three Weeks to Wellness that Elle facilitated, I became acutely aware that I had a sugar addiction - that I had come to depend on sugar - in very small doses but still - to change my mood, to fix they way I was feeling. Sugar was my daily afternoon fix and when I couldn't indulge during the cleanse, no little Hershey's kiss for me - a greater emotional clarity had to evolve. The energy level I now sustain and enjoy is MUCH more stable so the peaks and valleys I attributed to age are in fact due to the rollercoaster ride of the white devil sugar!!! I still enjoy treats, but infrequently!! So I can stay healthy. So I am grateful for a new clarity - a clearer head and stable energy throughout my long day."
R. Purvis
"Getting healthy has never been so much fun! This program is the best gift I could have given myself!"
Stacey M., Charlotte, NC
"I thought I was a healthy eater until I met Elle and spent 21 days on The Program. Not only did I feel great after, but it gave me a better appreciation for my body and how it works. By making conscious decisions about my diet, I was able to eat with more awareness of what I'm putting into my body. We are all getting older, and this cleanse has given me a new outlook on how I want to eat for the rest of my life…powerful stuff! Elle is amazing and was there every step of the way - you won't be disappointed having done this, I promise you!"
J. Allen
"This is the only process that I feel has made an inner difference in my life-long struggle with food addiction. And I've tried many. It's also saved me from having to go on high cholesterol medication."
Pat, age 70
"For me, Three Weeks to Wellness with Elle Erickson and group was an experience of helping me get into the mind set of coaching myself to evaluate what is going in my body…it must be high frequency as close to the sun as can be…Elle coaches the rest of the information. From Elle's grocery shopping tour to the group's support group and potluck meetings, embedded with conversations with experts around health…it was an awesome experience."
CC, Charlotte, NC
"My participation in Elle's 21 day Program improved my health by lowering my cholesterol... and it was much easier than I thought it would be!"
Martha, Charlotte, NC